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CATS 4.0

Collegiate Academic Tracking System

For student academic advising and related data support needs, with data on undergraduates, graduates, prospective students, faculty, staff, and curricula


  • Automated data import from other campus data sources, with local entry of additional data. At last, have all the data you need in one place, directly accessible at any time!
  • Powerful relational query-by-example (RQBE) engine across all tables from all data sources. Perform ad-hoc queries and immediately see the results. Save defined queries for later one-button use!
  • Sophisticated degree audit reporting system for tracking progress of students through their programs and verification of completion of requirements. Define alarms that automatically notify advisors when important milestones are in danger of being missed!
  • Produce reports using FoxPro report generator or merge directly to WordPerfect or MS Word, or use query results to send customized messages directly to students/faculty through e-mail!
  • Probation subsystem with college-defined rules 
  • "Case notes" for recording all interactions and actions taken on behalf of a student by their advisor
  • With historical data, perform retention analysis, track student populations and analyze enrollment patterns to better plan for future course offerings!
  • Multi-level security system to control access to the data and improve data integrity
  • Fully customizable - add new data fields, define new views; users can tailor system functionality and presentation to their preferences
  • Unique filter options allow users to restrict their view of the system to the subset of students/faculty they're interested in--like having your own departmental database!
  • Individual colleges/departments can maintain local data--track grants, research projects, certification programs
  • Finally, a place to store data on faculty and student presentations, publications, honors/awards, affiliations, and academic offices for production of the annual report!
  • Written in Visual FoxPro for unmatched performance
  • Familiar windows/menu interface under Windows 95 cuts training time and makes users productive from day one
  • Dynamic popup lists to speed data entry and reduce errors
  • Client/server support for high-performance use over a network with users all at their own desk
  • Site license permits an unlimited number of simultaneous users--no per-user licensing fees!



CATS 4.0 for Windows 95/98, available only from Thoughtful Creations. 

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