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Thoughtful Creations is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. For all correspondence, use the address:
    Thoughtful Creations
    PO Box 58637
    Cincinnati, OH 45258
Phone: 513-522-4116


Company History

Thoughtful Creations was formed in September, 1990 and began immediate development on a large database application for an agency in Los Angeles, named BIDS for Behavior Intervention Database System. It was written in FoxPro. 

In June, 1991 the first of many experimental research data collection programs developed for the Psychology Department at the University of Cincinnati was delivered. The products included test subject monitoring and statistical evaluation; computer-administered tests; vigilance and reaction-time research support; perceptual testing. The target systems included MS-DOS, Macintosh, Apple II and Amiga.

In May, 1993 the first copies of GENBOX, a genealogy box chart utility, were sold.

In June, 1994 the Academic Departmental Database System (ADDS) was completed. This custom-designed system served the academic advising and administration needs of the Department of Psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

This work led to the development and delivery in January, 1996 of the Collegiate Academic Database System (CADS), which supported the academic advising and tracking activities at the college/division level. It was developed for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Education at the University of Cincinnati. This system was subsequently renamed CATS (Collegiate Academic Tracking System) to emphasize its focus as a student advising and tracking system.

In April, 1996 the Housing Counseling Agency Tracking System (HouseCATS) was completed for the Better Housing League of Greater Cincinnati. This system maintains data on housing counseling clients and produces a wide range of reports based on that data.

In August, 1998 work began on the Windows version of GENBOX, named GENBOX Family History.

About the President

William T. Flight, President of Thoughtful Creations, is a computer consultant with seventeen years of database development experience. He graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in May, 1984 with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In June, 1984 he began work as a software developer at TRW in Redondo Beach, California. Over the next six years, he worked on a variety of software development projects for TRW, before forming his own computer consulting and software development business in September, 1990.

Bill works and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Ange and daughters Rachel and Laura.

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